In Ireland, doner kebabs were introduced in the 1980s by Abrakebabra, a chain started by an Irishman who’d seen them in London. Berlin Doner and Gyro If you are looking for good food in Karachi, Berlin Doner and Gyro is the answer. This is part of a more general American tendency to use the PALM vowel rather than the TRAP vowel for A in foreign words. "Until we are able to find a viable housing solution, it will be very hard to come up with any public health solutions," said Richard Ducatenzeiler, executive director of Franciscan Outreach. It flustered my college girlfriend, who was from Maryland and said YEE-roh, which usually prompted corrections from the (generally Greek) countermen. What’s donair sauce like? electronic Dictionary of the Irish Language GREEKTOWN — It’s true Chicago has been known for its pizzas, hot dogs and Italian beef — but there’s another meat, sauce and bread combo city dwellers drool for: gyros. Λεξικό της κοινής νεοελληνικής [Modern Greek Dictionary] (comprehensive; includes etymologies) Cornish dictionary online It’s been a while, so I may be wrong. Somehow I just can’t bring myself to say “the UK” — even though I do realize that the two terms have slightly different connotations, both geographically and politically.). The Flaxen Wave XIX век Russian Dinosaur In Chicago, where the automatic spit on which the meat turns was invented, we say YEE-ro. Boris Dralyuk I don’t think I’ve heard a blended /ʹʤi: ɹoʷ/ (jee-row) or a Spanish-style /ʹhi: ɹoʷ/ (hee-row), but neither would really shock me. I wonder if Nick Nicholas would be able to help with the “gyro” question? After a few months (I have no idea how) YEE-roh seemed to became the more common pronunciation. 1879 FARRAR St. Paul I. It’s pork on a vertical rotisserie, seasoned similar to the way gyros are in the US, served in pita bread, and accompanied by a dark, spicy sauce. Language Miniatures The point of the “authentic Berlin-style kebab” is that supposedly the “modern”, internationally popular form of döner kebab (with salad and sauce in a pita) was invented by Turkish immigrants in Berlin in the 1970s and spread from there. Gyro meat freezes perfectly! ‘The doner kebab was served with fresh yogurt, ketchup and butter.’ ‘To wit: crusty shards of doner kebab (spit-roasted lamb-and-beef that is the Turkish version of gyros) are piled on toasted bread croutons and sauced with tomato and wildly tart, runny yogurt.’ ‘I looked for an idea, and spotted the concept of the doner … 1892 Guardian 18 May 743/3 The MS. quite certainly does not Latinise but Graecises. Even its fans usually do not get the pronunciation correctly. Большой толково-фразеологический словарь Михельсона (1896-1912) If we say jee-row or yee-row, don’t we have to switch to jee-row-scope? Canada, here I come! I’ve only heard [jiɹos] (with the [s] optional) here in Southern California. Словарь русских народных говоров [Russian dialect dictionary] In the Midwest (Southwest Michigan and Northeast Ohio), I’ve heard /ʹgi: ɹoʷ/ (ghee-row), /ʹji: ɹoʷ/ (yee-row), and /ʹʤaɪ: ɹoʷ/ (jye-row). There are now a few authentically Turkish kebab shops. I find that they are nothing like the Donair we see in Atlantic Canada. I think the geeros pronounciation is more or less correct since a restaurant I walk by every day is called Gyros van Spiros (and Spiros is Speeros, of course), and the owner is an honest-to-god native contemporary Greek; but then, he may have called it like that for the rhyme. You can virtually read about the history Kebabs for hours and be just as confused about it as you were before. The gyro is predominant in Ontario, where it was popularized in Greek neighbourhoods (coinciding with the rise of the gyro in the mid-west USA). I first came across gyros when I moved to a new city to attend the university there. Ru_slang (Russian) And you can support my book habit without even spending money on me by following my Amazon links to do your shopping (if, of course, you like shopping on Amazon); As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases (I get a small percentage of every dollar spent while someone is following my referral links), and every month I get a gift certificate that allows me to buy a few books (or, if someone has bought a big-ticket item, even more). You can see the picture of King of Donairs (located in downtown Halifax) on the website mentioned by Bill Poser. Devanco Foods, another Chicago area gyro producer, also credits Apostolou and his brothers with creating the gyro empire. (Dutch etymology) Strong Language ("a sweary blog about swearing"), Language resources: How to say gyro. The donair was invented in Halifax in 1973 and is a derivative of the gyro. Jan Palach), Kant, kebab, Las (placenames, e.g. Impressionistically as opposed to etymologically, exoticized and non-nativized both fall under “exotic”, while native and non-exoticized both fall under “native”. The Cassandra Pages Wikipedia:Reference desk/Language However, you may be interested to hear that the name “donair” came about as more of an accident than a deliberate naming based on ethnicity or the market. Sh(a)warma is basically the same thing, but as I recall tends to be spiced differently. Dictionnaires d'autrefois Doner & Gyros Dubai; Doner & Gyros, DIFC; Order online from Doner & Gyros in Dubai; Get Menu, Reviews, Order Online, Home Delivery, Delivery, Contact, Location, Phone Number, Maps and more for Doner & Gyros Restaurant on Zomato This includes directly interviewing sources and research / analysis of primary source documents. At any rate, your (sic) is unnecessary—Gr(a)ecize is a perfectly good word with a long history. As for the “-s,” in my experience people here treat it as a plural suffix, dropping it in attributive or singular use and pronouncing it /z/ in plural use. Arnold Zwicky's list of blogs and resources Imagine having delicious homemade gyros on a weeknight- a quick salad and dinner’s ready! Gyro…. Jeer-ro? Greek language and linguistics I never eat the stuff. In central Wisconsin (long known as a bastion of culture ) it’s “ghee-ro” if you’re more of a local yokel, or “yee-ro” if more pretentious. Mag. This story first ran in DNAinfo Chicago. Funny, I’d never thought of them as the same either. The first is a little easier to pronounce.
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