At last the monster trout rolled up to the surface and I laid the rubber lined net under it and gently laid it on the deck. fish caught by Craig Carson from Orlando in 1995. Weekly fishing reports and TRENDS revealing exactly where you should fish ever trip, Weekly “spot dissection” videos that walk you through all the best spots in your area, Exclusive fishing tips from the PROS you can’t find anywhere else. Saltwater fishing is awesome, especially when angling for seatrout. Read unbiased reviews and choose the best deal for your Speckled Trout Fishing trip. Speckled Trout are known for their many spots. By the way, did he suggest a favorite go to color of the joe browns fat boy? Speckled Trout Records. Where to look for speckled trout. Note: want to catch your personal best trophy trout? each, but not big gator speckled trout. Chris started, a blog dedicated to catching speckled trout, which has started a movement in the gator trout scene. There are various types of trout. The spawn is a regular occurrence — about every 4 days but peaks around the full moon. For more great hunting and fishing content for the deep South, subscribe to Great Days Outdoors print and digital editions or click the image to download this issue. There is definitely a lot of truth to that because by using large baits you eliminate the smaller trout from being able to eat. The long, rear section is soft and pliable. I’d enjoy a video tutorial on how you fish the Paul Brown’s Fat Boy. Strong bite on big speckled trout a upper slot redfish. So when I am asked when would be the best time to catch a 7+ pound trout, I usually tell my clients that the full moon periods of April or May would be their best bet. Most of the lights from the marinas on both banks of the mouth of Dog River had come on as it was getting close to dark, There is a saying that goes “Luck is where hard work meets preparation”. The brook trout, or speckled trout as it is called locally, is the only trout native to North Carolina. “Sorry, this one’s going back. It is that time of the year again, the winter season is over, and summertime is upon us. There is no need to kill a big speckled trout anymore and more often than not, ire of other trout anglers is bestowed upon anyone that does. Brook Trout are also called Speckled Trout, Squaretail. Speckled Trout. Think of buying snow tires. How cool is the Dirty 30 program and all the data they’re collecting? Exactly how big a trout needs to be to qualify as a gator varies from angler to angler, but most would agree that anything 27” or over qualifies. Letting the bait drift feely away from the boat is a very natural presentation and a very effective way to get the bait away from the boat. The trout measured 28.5-inches but what was most impressive was its girth. In other words, it is that time of the year when speckled trout fishing is all the rage. Luckily there were no other boats fishing so I could concentrate on the fish and not have to worry about drifting into someone. Best of luck in your pursuit of that trophy trout and if you decide to use them I hope that these tips are of use to you. When something scares them they won’t eat. It was a good one I could tell as there was no moving it at first. Gator Speckled Trout on Topwater Plugs (Topwater Speckled Trout Tactics) In this episode of The Eastern Current Saltwater Fishing Podcast we talk with Brian Melvin about how to … Again, even though some of my biggest trout have come at different times of the day, I still like to be at my prime area when on a big trout trip at first light, Alabama Trophy Deer Hunts for Every Budget. Also, use the current to your advantage when live-baiting. My boat drifted along with the slow-moving incoming tide — the wind almost non-existent. Trout Fishing in Florida: Tips for Catching Speckled Sea Trout Call them speckled or spotted, trout fishing in Florida is plentiful and can be caught by anglers with any skill level. If you want more of the Speckled Truth, be sure to follow them on Instagram or Facebook, or at check out their website below: Also, be sure to check out the Empty Stringers Catch and Release program, too: P.S. It has been commercially harvested in all the states bordering the Gulf of Mexico. Speckled trout -Gator Trout. Habitat: Speckled trout can commonly be found along the Atlantic coast from South Florida to Virginia, and rarely all the way up to Cape Cod. Large trophy trout are known as “gator” trout. Brook Trout or Speckled Trout are chiefly a freshwater game fish (Salvelinus fontinalis) having a dark body with light-coloured spots. I use five knots and have gotten good at tying them. With Easter being the next to last weekend this year, I’m a bit leery about what weather Mother Nature has in store for us. *Please note the USPS has been experiencing delays in some areas* The Gator Trout Decal is a durable, vinyl sticker that is removable without residue and weatherproof. Anglers hire Orlando fishing guides anticipating … This guy is 100% Salt Strong – y’all need to figure out how to partner with/bring him onboard. If you love catching big speckled trout, you’re going to love this podcast.. We had Chris Bush from the Speckled Truth on a few months ago to talk about catching gator trout, and because we got so much good feedback from that episode, we’ve brought him back today to talk specifically about catching big trout in the fall and winter. Speckled trout have long dorsal fins, which are made up of two sections. Obviously, the fish have to cooperate, but there are a few things that can be done to improve the odds. new and full. Thanks Joe and Luke for staying true to your mission. Speckled Trout, Gator Trout, Sheepshead and more! 31, They are most common in the shallow bays during spring and summer. Trout of this size are always females and contribute greatly to the population as they are very prolific spawners. jig head. Do what the “SMART ANGLERS” are doing and join the Insider Club. You'll catch more trout with a few tips! They target mullet during this time. Check out the Speckled Trout Blueprint here, Empty Stringers Catch And Release on Facebook, This Is The #1 Spot (And Tide) To Catch Fall Flounder, 3 Advanced Fishing Tips For Saltwater Kayak Anglers [VIDEO], The Dirty 30, an exclusive gator trout club, An amazing story about fishing with his dad that reminds us of the real reason why we fish, When the best time to catch gator trout is and on what lures, How he’s using his influence to promote trout conservation, How he’s gathering data to get more information about gator trout, 130 W. Central Ave, Winter Haven, FL, 33880. Because gator trout feed year-round they can be. Bigger trout will pull up onto a flat in cooler water. Summary. The key though is not to just hook up a big bait and throw it out. Its abundance, willingness to hit natural and artificial baits, and fine eating qualities make the species extremely popular with anglers. This article first appeared in the April 2018 print issue of Great Days Outdoors Magazine. I mention shrimp because although big trout do eat big fin fish, they still eat a lot of shrimp while they are eating them. With full roe sacks, female gator trout are going to be at their heaviest in April. Depth Range: 0 to 28 meters: Natural History each, but not big gator speckled trout. The WORLD RECORD for Speckled Trout was a big 17 lb. Craig threw a topwater plug to catch the beast. The fish made a few runs to try to get back down and every time I’d move it would take that much more line back. Spotted seatrout, also known as speckled trout, speckled seatrout, and specs, are beautiful saltwater fish … Sand Seatrout are similar to two other Gulf Coast species, but are easily distinguished. Interesting podcast. The idea here is that there is no substitute for using quality tackle and always having it in tip-top shape because you never know when the fish of a lifetime may be ready to eat your offering. Large fish (longer than 22-24\" in length) are sometimes described as \"gator trout.\" Females are somewhat larger than males and large gravid (with eggs) females are called \"sow trout.\" Sea trout are a very abundant sports fish in the Cocoa Beach area. All rate very high at the break. Being able to cast a long way is of utmost importance when targeting big trout. Want to catch more flounder this fall? Get outdoor trends, data, new products, and tips delivered to your inbox. Trout make for a very tasty meal, as simple and easy or as sophisticated as you like. Downstream of a bridge, points, grassbeds, and docks are favorite spots. One of the things I tell my charters, especially when shallow water fishing, is that the one that casts the farthest is going to catch the most fish. by Capt. Speckled Trout The Spotted Sea Trout (Cunoscion nebulosis), more commonly known as the speckled trout, may be one of the most sought out species here on St. love the light weight and paddles well (thermoformed vs. Z-Man and Mann’s also have good choices for trout Lastly, the 5- or 7-inch Z-Man Jerk ShadZ or the 6-inch Mann’s Hardnose provide great, larger profiles. Locals in Florida debate what the length of a “gator trout… All fish are in one of two modes, but never both at the same time. So how does one go about catching a wall hanger speckled trout? Saltwater Trout Fishing Tips. I was jigging a chartreuse Berkley Power Bait on a 3/8 oz. The fight only lasted for about 5 minutes, but it felt like an eternity. April 2011 is already here. And if you fancy seeing trout for yourself, take a trip down to Kilkenny and visit the Goatsbridge Trout farm free of charge. Here along Florida's east coast, the large breeder females, known as “gator trout” have been known to reach 40 inches and weigh as much as 17-18lbs. Naturally, that is a great time to target them. Females are 25 inches (63 cm) long on average. Because gator trout feed year-round they can be caught at any time. Right In Sight Charters > Speckled trout -Gator Trout. Create memories that matter through fishing, Email: fish@saltstrong.comToll-free: (855)888-6494130 W. Central Ave, Winter Haven, FL 33880. The fin rays will be evenly spaced, with no divots. The roe is very dense thus adding the weight. Having said, ones I will not be caught without are 1. 7 oz. Then check this out! I’m hooking up with the Speckled Truth for sure BUT it’s Salt Strong that I thank for making this resource available. If you happen to catch a trophy gator trout, take some good pictures, especially of any unique features of the fish, and release it. I lucked into the others. We’ve all caught trout that are barely bigger than the top water plug we were throwing. Dave Dietzler. The colder, the shallower water you should be targeting. The bite was like a jolt of electricity and I set the hook even though the fish was probably already on. A funny thing is, he was ready to eat it … Most anglers get excited about an individual heavier than 5 or 6 pounds. The rainbow trout is the common one. In this episode he talks about: The Dirty 30, an exclusive gator trout club Here’s what you’ll receive today when you join: Save 30% And Put An End To Your Monthly Charges. Anglers from all over the United States and the world come to Orlando to engage with our inshore gamefish. They are also known for their prominent canine teeth, typically seen on their upper jaw. BTW – I ordered all 5 you listed. Make certain to sure up your rigging, if you want to land the biggest of the big speckled trout. In 50 years of chasing speckled trout (which represents thousands of fishing trips), I have caught 6 of what I consider trophy sized or “gator” speckled trout – those are trout over 7 pounds. This was one of the evenings that it felt “on” and the anticipation was driving me insane. Males and females weigh 2 to 3 pounds (1 to 1.3 kg). I lifted the fish taking one last look at it before preparing to revive and release it when I heard from the balcony of the Grand Mariner  Restaurant “Hey, don’t let that go! I have also had the opportunity to test them and some of the simpler knots — the Trilene, Palomar, Loop, Albright and Surgeons. This will depend on your location. Good availability and great rates. By wading, you eliminate the boat and are super stealthy. For example, croakers don’t look natural 3 feet under a cork in 15 foot of water, but mullet and pogies do. I am often amazed at the size of a bait that a trout will eat — or try to eat. These stickers have a 1/8 inch white border and are machine washable. Come enjoy a rod bending experience. Be sure that whatever is used, can be tied quickly and most importantly effectively, and always check the knot after tying. My personal best gator trout and the biggest trout that I have ever had a charter catch have been while wading. The other is to quietly approach the flat and get into the water. 11 3. That’s because the fish can “feel” the boat, thus know that something isn’t natural. Brook Trout are native to Eastern North America and widely introduced elsewhere. The first two trout I had caught were both quality fish probably weighing over 5 lbs. Most of the lights from the marinas on both banks of the mouth of Dog River had come on as it was getting close to dark on this cold late–February evening. Check out this story of Steven putting a buddy on his very first hogfish and hear how he's been... Would love your thoughts, please comment. Typically, that is from April 1st to mid- October — of course varying based on the weather.
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