24.2 megapixels. Also, I don't think the a6300 will shoot 4k at 60fps. As you can see, A6300 is 3 years older than A6600. The A6300 also records in both AVCHD and XAVC S formats, while the A7 records only in AVCHD. If you want to get the best out of the numerous features, you’re going to have to work for it. Here's how Smith sets up his α6300: Camera Icon: 1) Quality > Extra Fine. Toby shares some of his thoughts about the Sony a6300’s EVF, it’s articulating screen, AF performance and focus magnifier as well as set back button focus and a few additional features like AUTO ISO on the Sony a6300. The new a6300 is the first non-full-frame interchangeable-lens Sony camera capable of shooting and recording internal high resolution 4K video (XAVC S at 100mbps) with full pixel readout and no … There is one major downside when shooting video on the Sony a6300 camera. The 4K video shooting capabilities of the Sony A6300 also look very impressive. The ability to shoot high-quality 4K (UHD) videos is one of the most significant advantages of the Sony A6300 over the Sony A7, which shoots only full HD 1920 x 1080 videos. When it comes to the best options for amazing picture quality and a smooth shooting experience, one of the top cameras to consider is Sony Alpha 6300 (Sony a6300). If you are trying to shoot video seriously, Sony a 6500 is a great option. I will be shooting surfing and using a water housing. Without cinematic cameras or a production crew, just a Sony α6300 and a Crane 2, can you realize professional commercial footage? The big one is 4K video capture, using the XAVC S codec. Here is what you need to know regarding the Sony a6300 overheating issue and what else does this camera entail. By Steve Harms . Sony championed the a6300 as the autofocus king, introducing many new AF features for photographers while touting 4K for us in the filmmaking and video production crowd. Compare Sony A6300 image quality against competitors. The overheating issue of the Sony a6300 is probably the biggest drawback of this otherwise fantastic tiny mirrorless camera that makes many filmmakers so frustrated and disappointed by its performance after shooting 4K video with the camera for some time. However, like every other amazing gadget out there, even this particular piece comes with its fair share of cons. Yes, I know that the a6300 video will be better by shooting in 4k and downsampling to 1080p, but I don't have the computer power to handle 4k right now. I have only ever really shot stills and mostly of trav . How does it shoot? Both cameras shoot amazing video. ISO SENSITIVITY (RECOMMENDED EXPOSURE INDEX) – Still images: ISO 100-25600 (ISO numbers … After exploring the issue with Sony Support, I have come to the unfortunate conclusion that there is no reasonable way to solve the problem. Bear in mind that the standard … Sony a6000 does not. Zoomed images are captured close to the original quality when shooting a still picture. FEATURES. It looks like you are using an ad blocker. The Sony A6300 first zooms to the maximum optical magnification, then uses Clear Image Zoom technology to enlarge the image an additional 2x, producing clear, sharp images despite the increased zoom ratio. OK, Sony’s can’t tether directly into Lightroom (Sony won’t share their secret tethering code with Adobe, like Nikon and Canon have for years), so we have to use a workaround…but hey, it works. Sony A6300 Key Specs. The only real complaint users had about the a6300 was its lack of in-body stabilisation, but Sony rectified this less than a year later with the announcement of the stabilised a6500. Both … Sony and the Environment How we’re reducing our eco-footprint through energy efficiency and recycling initiatives. TYPE: APS-C type (23.5 x 15.6 mm), Exmor® CMOS sensor. Take a look at the below sample … In 2 days I am getting a Sony A6300. 10 fps continuous shooting; Full HD - 1920 x 1080 video resolution; 623g. The answer is YES. The Sony α6300 is a still and 4K video powerhouse. As good as the Sony Alpha a6300 is for stills, it has more impressive features on the video side. The only difference is that the a6500 comes with 5-stop IS. We got our hands on a production model pre-release while on a press shooting experience Sony put on in Miami Beach, Florida. The camera has the different video … AXN; Sony Music Classic artists to today’s stars, local and global. On his YouTube channel, filmmaker Ryan Grams has come up with a cool way to use headphones to a Sony α6300 for even more control when shooting video. I use an a6300 for hiking trips too. The A6300 … Fast-focusing and 4K-shooting, the Alpha a6300from Sony is a versatile APS-C-format mirrorless digital camera designed for multimedia image-makers. Obviously if you tend shoot on a tripod, the lack of IS won’t be a deal breaker. 130 x 103 x 93 mm mm; Replaced Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX200V Compare . Sony a6300 Tips and Tricks For Shooting Best Photos And Video. Full HD 120fps shooting and 4x/5x slow motion recording. Feature full pixel readout without pixel binning for 2.4x oversampled 4K movie resolution from the full width of the sensor. This day, I was going to make one more addition to my shooting equipment’s list and that was a cool Sony alpha a6300, one of the best vlogging camera. Our Verdict. Apparently, the camera uses almost the entire region of the sensor (20 MP) for oversampling video at full pixel readout and no pixel binning in Super 35mm format. So mostly still interested in shooting at 1080p. Who doesn't? Like all other recent Sony cameras, it is capable of recording UHD 4K video up to 30fps with no pixel binning and Full HD up to 120fps. Both Sony A6300 and Sony A6600 cameras have 24.0MP APS-C sensors. But trust me, shooting 1 to 2 stops brighter than the recommended levels given by Sony on the A6300 (and any other Sony Log camera) will normally bring the best results. Find… Without cinematic cameras or a production crew, just a Sony α6300 and a Crane 2, can you realize professional commercial footage? WINNER: Sony a6300/a6500. Sony a6300 and a6500 have Silent Shooting Mode. A quick word on blocking ads. At this point, haven't got my hands on the camera but know. NUMBER OF PIXELS (EFFECTIVE): Approx.
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