She is passionate about helping others, believes in the holistic approach to recovery, and works with her clients toward healing the mind, body and spirit. Our programs include group therapy, individual therapy, family therapy, and educational activities to promote our patients’ mental health, well-being, and social skills. The Mental Health Program at Windsor Regional Hospital provides acute services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for patients 16 years of age or older. Cathy’s style is to meet the client where they are at, providing holistic, compassionate support grounded in respect. He acquired his training and Certification at Fleming College right here in Peterborough. Follow up with a phone call if you haven't heard within 24 hours. More broadly, there is a mental health helpline available through Connex Ontario (1-866-531-2600), and various services are provided by the Toronto branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association. Addiction Rehab Toronto provides comprehensive addiction treatment for individuals and families suffering from substance abuse, behavioural problems, and their resulting issues. Tim continued to hone his skills in P.E.I. Last Door Recovery Centre’s programs are designed to integrate with current patient's mental health team, compounding pharmacology, psychotherapy CBT, acupuncture, residential treatment, social model programming and long term peer support integration. Going on to complete her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Mount Allison University, Kerri found her calling in the mental health and wellness field. Jodi’s role at CHRC includes facilitating psycho-education and group counselling, and providing ongoing support for our guests. Jay’s passion is to help people unleash their potential. Clients learn to interpret events through a different lens and change how they think (cognition) and what they do (behaviour). Full treatment services, including medical and behavioural therapy, are provided all at … Please keep it fairly short (i.e. He is experienced in and passionate about supporting those living with addiction and mental health issues. Todd graduated with a diploma in Practical Nursing from Fleming College and obtained a postgraduate certificate in Mental Health Nursing. He also loves playing with his children and making music with the piano. We offer an effective alternative to a boot camp or “traditional” boarding school for troubled teens in Canada. Primary Addictions Counsellor, Intake Coordinator, Registered Psychotherapist. Which of our highly skilled Registered Psychotherapists is best suited to support the clients individual needs. Todd encourages clients to focus on being an active participant in their journey toward recovery. Ask our experts questions about this complex and destabilizing mental health disorder and the team will provide suggest treatment options such as an inpatient BPD treatment center. Aaron’s passion for his work stems from observing the beautiful and sometimes ugly relationship between our humanity and our search for deeper meaning. As a Certified Functional Strength Coach and Youth Fitness Specialist, he conducts training programs, workshops and clinics for athletes, sports teams, teachers and coaches. Sessions are individual, family and gr… Cheryl first entered the helping professions over twenty-five years ago, by working at a shelter for men experiencing homelessness. Corrina believes that recovery involves living a life that is meaningful and works toward helping her clients discover the core values that have been lost through addiction. Lifelong commitment to personal wellness and to supporting his patients in pursuit of the same. Life experience created a heightened awareness of the impact addiction has on one’s life and the lives of others, and this spurred him to make positive change. She has a fascination with the benefits of eating the right foods and staying healthy for all types of addiction treatment including nicotine. Justin brings compassion and commitment in helping those afflicted with addiction and addiction-related problems. Cognitive behavioural therapy is a structured type of psychotherapy done individually or in groups. We serve residents of Cambridge and North Dumfries and provide trauma informed and recovery oriented care to individuals with mental health and addictions. We teach clients struggling with addiction about how negative thought patterns are established via neural pathways throughout their lives. Addiction involves a variety of neural pathways that influence and dictate our thoughts, behaviours, and emotions. This learning was consolidated through Jodi’s four-month practicum at Pinewood Centre of Lakeridge Health, where she worked with clients and family members impacted by substance use and problem gambling. CBT helps clients understand how they view themselves, the world, and their future. Our thoughts, behaviours, and emotions are shaped by our experiences throughout life. After his own personal encounter with addiction and the loss of someone close to him from an overdose, Justin made a conscious decision to change his life. Our inpatient units are listed below, where you will find links to more information about how to access each service. In addition to being the 2014 IYCA Coach of the Year, David is a contributing author of the international bestselling book The Definitive Guide to Youth Athletic Strength, Conditioning and Performance. We use a variety of evidence-based therapies with an emphasis on nutrition to heal the body and mind to help clients understand the root causes of their addiction and address behavioural and thought patterns. He is a life- long learner, always exploring new learning opportunities, including the holistic approaches to recovery used at CHRC. Experiencing the pain that addiction inflicts on the people he cared about motivated him to pursue study in the field of addiction so that he could focus on helping people suffering with addiction. Venture Academy provides help for struggling teens in Canada including troubled teens who are experiencing: •family conflict •negative peers •school suspensions •low self-esteem •suicidal thoughts •drug and alcohol abuse •anxiety and depression •Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) •Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) •Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) •and other clinically diagnosed disorders or behavioural challenges. How best to support a client through withdrawal management, or if support is needed before entering residential treatment. CHRC offers a variety of programming as it relates to our holistic view of recovery including: People who have a serious or life-threatening addiction, a history of relapse, or who are physically dependent on a substance should strongly consider residential treatment. She operates a private clinic in Toronto, ON, where she has over a decade of experience holistically treating mental health, Autism and behavioural issues. CHRC offers dialectical behavioural therapy through our skills training groups and individual therapy sessions. Shane chose CHRC for his placement for his schooling and was offered an opportunity to join the team. Our world-class care team includes registered psychotherapists, certified nutritionists, experienced addiction counsellors, fitness experts, and others who work together to create personalized care plans for our clients. After receiving his Drug and Alcohol Counsellor diploma from Sir Sanford Fleming College in Peterborough, Jeff began his career at Bellwood Health Services as a Program Assistant and Addictions Counsellor. more. Make sure to double check your email address or phone number so that we can get back to you. With working form a motivational interviewing perspective, Shane helps individuals through the process of change talk to gain empowerment over negative and self sabotaging thoughts. When not teaching at CHRC, Andrew teaches at Moksha Yoga Peterborough, and owns and operates Balance At Work, which specializes in workplace wellness services, yoga classes, workshops, and Reiki treatments. Dr. Li Preti is also a Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Professional – Specialist (461) with a combined 20-years’ experience in conducting psycho-vocational assessments and vocational counselling therapy. where he obtained his Red Seal chef status in 2015. Most recently he received a diploma in Psychology from Alison University, and is certified in “The Addicted Brain” by Emory University. Diane continued her education with courses in bookkeeping and accounting and in 2011 she received a Bookkeeping Certificate with honours from Durham College. Programs & Services Mental Health. Your loved ones will rest easy knowing you’re in good hands at CHRC. Jane’s varied nursing career has spanned more than 40 years, with a special interest in the fields of mental health, neurology/neurosurgery and gerontology, where she had positions in teaching, consulting and management. We understand that abstinence does not mean recovery. Clients learn to identify the emotions, thoughts, sensations, and urges linked to their problematic behaviours, and they learn adaptive solutions. Add to Info Cart. A fresh environment without outside triggers can make all the difference. Serving a multilingual population, Dr. Li Preti has experience in the administration and evaluation of English, French, Italian and Spanish psychological instruments/tests and has developed a Neuropsychological Questionnaire for foreign language/culture patients. Corrina believes in a bio-psycho-social-spiritual approach to care and the importance of treating the individual holistically. Regional Treatment Centre (Ontario) – Site: Bracebridge: South Muskoka Memorial Hospital Corporation: Brockville: St. Lawrence Valley Correctional and Treatment Centre, Secure Treatment Unit: Guelph: Homewood Health Centre Inc. Guelph: Community Mental Health Clinic: Kingston: Kingston Health Sciences Centre – … CHRC is different from other inpatient rehab centres in Ontario, Canada. Jeff is experienced in individual and group counselling, program development and implementation, crisis intervention, and aftercare and discharge planning. LeeAnn holds a Masters of Counselling degree from the Graduate Centre for Applied Psychology of Athabasca University in Alberta. The functional centre pertaining to the provision of community counselling/treatment which includes initial and ongoing assessment and treatment planning, case management activities, brief intervention, lifestyle and personal counselling to assist the individual to develop skills to manage substance abuse and related problems, and/or maintain and enhance treatment goals. Moose is a gentle soul, always ready and willing to listen and provide comfort. Last Door is part of the New West Recovery Community, which is considered North America's most dynamic vibrant community for people to recovery. All of our programs are designed to support our clients in the best outcomes for recovery. Here, she began to understand the complexity of the clients she worked with, who included people with addictions of all kinds, methadone patients, people with eating disorders, and hepatitis C patients. She has a passion for working with others and a desire to help make a positive impact in people’s lives. Clients work through their thoughts and feelings in a safe and supportive environment, and the therapist helps them discover and practice healthy and adaptive alternatives. During the initial screening we will determine: Our multidisciplinary team meets regularly to reassess each client’s treatment plan as needed. Residential and outpatient rehab treatment centres for alcohol, drug, weed, various addictons and concurring mental health disorders in Toronto, Ontario. Parents looking for a residential treatment program or a private therapeutic school are encouraged to contact us to find out how we can help. John has been a loyal member of our team since the beginning. Outside of work, George is most importantly a husband and a father to three daughters. Restore Mental Health has full medical integration on our campus, meaning any coexisting health needs can be treated in tandem with psychiatric needs. If you are experiencing a mental health crisis and require immediate attention please visit your closest Emergency Room or dial 911. He is humbled to be President and Chair of the Board for McLeod House Cheshire Homes Charities where he has worked with the directors to provide funding for organizations that support improving the lives of those in need. Our therapists provide clients with various self-monitoring tools and homework to complete between sessions, which help them practice the skills they learned. With15 years in a managerial position at a popular restaurant chain, Diana took time off to raise her two children, and developed a successful daycare business while raising her children. Helen Kroeker was a registered nurse for 21 years before earning a Nurse Practitioner designation in 2005. A skilled and compassionate family physician, committed to the delivery of evidence-based healthcare, valuing a team approach and in the context of the understanding of the patient as a whole person. Growing up surrounded by family and friends struggling with addiction, and losing family to addiction, Jude found himself walking the line of addiction. Call Valiant Behavioural Health now to ask questions about our Residential Mental Health Program. Canadian Health Recovery Centre embraces a client-centered, whole-person approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatment. The Mental Health Inpatient program offers crisis intervention, assessment, stabilization, short-term treatment and discharge planning for people with serious mental illness. Melissa continues to expand her scope of practice in the field of nutrition by completing courses in Applied Endocrinology, Lab Diagnostics, and Liver Pathologies. Structure: Accountability and active participation are integral parts of recovery at CHRC. From the first step, we take a holistic approach to treatment and work to understand each client’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.
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