In earlier episodes of the series, Monica’s apartment is number 5, while Chandler and Joey live in unit 5. Plus, Rachel would've already been about one month pregnant, given that Ross reveals on episode three ("The One Where Rachel Tells...") that he and Rachel slept together "about a month ago.". Monica, Rachel, Chandler, and Joey lived at 90 Bedford Street in New York City, and in the first season of Friends, the number of Monica’s apartment was 5 and Chandler’s (then Joey’s, after Chandler moved in with Monica) was 4. Finally, on season eight, episode 22, "The One Where Rachel Is Late," she goes into labor. Phoebe's uterus is examined for implantation of the embryos. Given that nearly every season features a Thanksgiving episode (except season two) and a Christmas episode (except season 10), the show implies that each season tracks one year in the friends' lives. Nothing spectacular or weird on that, except that it didn’t match the view from the windows – especially the one they used to spy on Ugly Naked Guy. he exclaims. Luckily, someone figured it out! The season seven episode "The One Where They All Turn Thirty" features flashbacks for all the characters but focuses on Rachel's 30th birthday in the present. Here are 16 of the most egregious plot holes and inconsistencies on "Friends.". The Friends set is one of the most famous in TV history, particularly Monica Geller’s apartment; but there were some really strange things about it. According to the article, Monica’s two-bedroom, one-bath apartment with an open kitchen/living room and outdoor terrace in New York City's West Village would cost at least $4,500 a month. ", She's mentioned when she sends Phoebe a fur coat on season five, episode six, "The One with the Yeti" — but she's literally never mentioned again. And they could see directly into Ugly Naked Guy's apartment. Here is a tour of Monica’s Apartment from Friends: Located in Greenwich Village, the two bedrooms, one bathroom apartment includes a balcony and an open-plan kitchen-dining-living space. Directed by Ben Weiss. But after all that emotional buildup, Phoebe's mom disappears from the show after season four, episode 11, "The One With Phoebe's Uterus. Of course he would also trade out a practical dining table for his beloved foosball one. — which would mean she was born in late January or early February. From shop DrawHouse. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. But he doesn't show up again, and Phoebe never even mentions him. Text us for exclusive photos and videos, royal news, and way more. At the beginning of the whole series, Monica's apartment was number 5, and Chandler's was number 4. Chandler and Joey's apartment is located in Greenwich Village in Manhattan. He says he's 25 years old on season one, episode 23, "The One with the Birth" — after Monica already said she's 26. While looking at Ross’s new apartment, Rachel and Phoebe see Monica and Chandler “doin’ it” through the window. Monica says she's 26 years old on season one, episode 22, "The One with the Ick Factor." But on the season seven premiere, "The One with Monica's Thunder," it's revealed that Joey has already turned 31, multiple episodes before Rachel turns 30 (who's the same age as Monica). In Friends' best episode ever (there is no debating this), “The One with the … 20 sometime during the first season. Monica and Rachel’s apartment, as well as Chandler and Joey’s unit, was supposedly on the third floor of the walkup building. An apartment of the same … Q. Joey, who's supposed to be the youngest, turns 31 before Rachel even turns 30. Monica and Rachel’s apartment in Friends is now worth millions and the rest of us are doomed. Instead of the well-loved furnishings that populated the space when Rach and Mon were roommates, Wood thinks her solo place would favor more feminine furnishings and a pop of pale pink. Directed by Kevin Bright. But some of the story lines have obvious plot holes or inconsistent details — like Phoebe's birth parents disappearing, or the characters aging at different rates. Joey can keep an eye on "ugly naked guy" from a stylish Eames lounge chair. five. wildfire3838 • 2 days ago . Wrong! Meanwhile, a seemingly harmless game between Chandler and Joey against Monica and Rachel escalates into a full blown contest where the stakes are raised higher and higher. Before it got changed, what was the number of Monica and Rachel’s apartment? But later on season seven, episode eight, "The One Where Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs," Ross reveals that he doesn't even like ice cream. Monica and Rachel's apartment number in Season 1 PLUS their apartment number throughout the rest of the series: Correct! 1. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. She and Phoebe go … Another former resident of #20 (all 6 friends lived in this apartment at some point), Rachel Greene, would likely have taken things in a different direction. Monica & Phoebe were roommates together in the years before the show. On season four, episode five, "The One with Joey's New Girlfriend," Ross begins to tell Gunther that his birthday is in December. sisters that live close by, but they only show up in one episode. "Friends" is one of the most iconic television sitcoms of all time. The only other time that any of them show up is on season eight, episode 10, "The One With Monica's Boots." Coyote Ugly Turns 20: Where Is the Cast Now? Ross is comfortably employed, Chandler makes a lot of money, and Monica's apartment is rent-controlled because the lease is in her grandmother's name. What was it called? Curiously, however, Ben doesn't appear at Ross and Emily's wedding. They can’t unsee that, and we can’t unsee her fabulous coat. Rachel moves in with Monica after she bails on her wedding - Episode 1.1… ... Monica and Rachel are the same age, since they graduated high school together, so we know Monica turned 30 that same year. On season six, episode 18, "The One Where Ross Dates a Student," he chows down on some ice cream with his then-girlfriend Elizabeth. Ross mentions his young son, Ben, tons of times throughout his ill-fated relationship with Emily. "If Monica and Chandler stayed in the apartment to raise their twins instead of moving to Westchester, they would trade their eclectic mix of furnishings and lilac walls for a new look," says Modsy Director of Style, Alessandra Wood. Either Monica and Rachel moved then decorated their apartment EXACTLY the same without telling us, or the writers realized that a higher apartment number … "Friends" is one of the most beloved TV shows of all time, but that doesn't mean it's perfect. She's not mentioned when Phoebe gets engaged, nor is it explained why she didn't show up at her daughter's wedding. Phoebe struggles with accepting her mom, whom she had never met or even knew existed, for a few season four episodes — but ultimately seems very excited that she finally has a real family member to rely on. She's even unemployed a few times after getting fired or getting her license suspended. Rachel moves in with Monica after she bails on her wedding - Episode 1.1. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. Set StructureWhile everyone just takes the apartment as it comes on television, in reality, it is a … One of the most iconic interior design moments of pop culture in the 90s was Monica Gellar's apartment in Friends.While people had some questions about how both Monica and Rachel … Even using the alternate, three-digit system, the apartments would be 301 and 302. Much of the show's 10 seasons took place in the apartment, and viewers got to know its purple walls well. But they'd hold onto a certain artwork from Chandler's bachelor pad. Here's proof: Warner Bros. The Apartment where Monica stays is actually rented in the name of her Grandmother. Friends TV Show Apartment Floor Plan- Friends TV Show Layout- The one with the floor plan-Apartment of Joey,Chandler,Monica and Rachel DrawHouse. Rachel should be about seven months pregnant, but she isn't showing at all. Monica's front door on season one, episode two versus season two, episode one. Monica's famous pickle jar also makes an appearance. But the show never explains how Phoebe is able to live on her own in Greenwich Village, a rather central and expensive area in Manhattan. Apartment 19 - Chandler and Joey's apartment is located in Greenwich Village in Manhattan. Rachel is ready to start hanging out again. ", But this seems like a weird premise for many "Friends" fans, since Chandler isn't exactly known as an unemotional guy. Subscribe to our daily newsletter to get more of it. FRIENDS -- Pictured: Set of Monica Geller's apartment in "Friends" (Photo by Gary Null/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images), Credit: Even though its early reviews were mixed, it quickly became one of the most popular shows during its time on air from 1994 to 2004. Like what you see here? Monica & Chandler move in together and later get married and live together in apartment 20. In the eat-in kitchen, the cabinets have gotten a new coat of paint in trendy navy, but the open shelving and exposed wood beam are still intact. In season one, the numbers on the doors of Rachel and Monica’s, and Chandler and Joey’s apartments were four and five. Season eight, episode nine, "The One With the Rumor," is a Thanksgiving episode. Joey & Chandler win the game and win the apartment away from the girls - Episode 4.85. Plus, if you want to get super petty about it, Ross implies on yet another episode that his birthday is in March. Trivia Question: Before it got changed, what was the number of Monica and Rachel’s apartment? It appears that the production crew noticed the same thing, because her apartment becomes No. But on season seven, episode 22, "The One with Chandler's Dad," Rachel gets pulled over. Actually, his name doesn't come up at all, at any point, on the two-part season four finale in England. But Monica and Rachel had a balcony. In the first season, Monica lived in apartment number 5. We also know they're one year older than Monica and Rachel, since Ross mentions that he was a freshman in college when Rachel was a senior. In addition to some glaringly problematic story lines, "Friends" had issues with continuity that can be hard to ignore to this day, from petty details (like characters having multiple different birthdays) to major emotional moments getting little to no follow-through (like Phoebe's birth parents disappearing from her life without explanation). Note the purple door, gold frame and even Rachel's "Jouets" poster are still intact here. Phoebe is a masseuse, but she bounces between working at different parlors and massaging her own clients at home as a freelancer. After a sweet moment between them, it seems like they'll be able to build a relationship. Answer: 5. The apartment has an open plan for the main living space, mainly comprised of the kitchen and the living room. ), Given how much Chandler and Joey loved them, it's a little strange that no one mentions it when the birds die — which is only revealed on the series finale, "The Last One." The main storyline focuses on Chandler's difficult childhood and how it made him "dead inside. Click through and see if you can find them all! Given that Monica's building doesn't have just one or two apartments per floor, it makes little sense for her rent-controlled sixth-floor walk-up to be apartment No. ), but we can't help but wonder what the space would look like if the gang still lived there today. Friends TV Show Apartment Floor Plan- Friends TV Show Layout- The one with the floor plan-Apartment of Joey,Chandler,Monica and Rachel DrawHouse. Monica’s two-bedroom, one-bath apartment was about 1,500 square feet. (Phoebe does mention Lily, the adoptive mother who raised her, though. Directed by Kevin Bright. When the series opens, Monica and Rachel live in apartment number 5, while Joey and Chandler occupy apartment number 4. 14. At the beginning of the whole series, Monica's apartment was number 5, and Chandler's was number 4.
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