Even during the dry season, it is not unusual to have a brief, torrential … 77 … Crowds thin out, prices drop, and conditions for scuba diving and surfing are optimal. The sea remains favourable for swimming, though extreme activities are not advised. Is there a best time or is it just a myth used by travel agencies? Just one day prior, an 84-year-old Czech tourist drowned in the … Rains are more frequent this month, however, whether there will be a torrential downpour during your stay, or just light showers, and how many sunny hours you will get in-between depends on your luck! I am fearful of this Monsoon Season ruining what would be a very expensive and special trip, but also don't want to compromise much on the ideal destination. Often the rainy season only brings afternoon showers, but it has been known to occasionally rain all day for days on end making it a bit of a risk (but a relative bargain with discounted hotel rates) to visit during this time. Report inappropriate content . The northeast monsoon iruvai falls between December to April. From around the end of December through to May is the northeast monsoon season with the winds coming from the northeast. Low … The Summer monsoon season, called the Halhangu in the traditional Maldivian language of Dhivehi, brings with it more rain, cloudy skies and rougher seas. Blog Categories. The Maldives has an average of 8 hours of sun per day in a 12 hour day, regardless of monsoon season. Typical of the tropics, when it rains in the Maldives, it pours down heavily for a short time and then clears up just as quickly. If you decide to visit the Maldives during the wet season, make sure you pick either spring or fall months. Due to these … Cloudbursts and Sunshine. It’s also worth to remember that southern part of the Maldives is more exposed to southwest monsoon and therefore gets more rain. Loading... Unsubscribe from Sam Weller? The Maldives rainy season. The prices are low and you might find fewerpeople in the hotels. Even during the South-West Monsoon, the Maldives rarely experiences extreme weather conditions. Days of downpours? Maldives has really stunning islands, magnificent beaches, crystal clear water (so clear that you would even you stop thinking about the fact that it is an ocean!) When’s the cheapest time to go to the Maldives? August falls in the monsoon season at the Maldives, with spells of high humidity and high but short bursts of rainfall. If you are comfortable with high humidity, then it's not a bad time to visit the islands. In the wet season, divers could experience a rough sea, rain and less visibility due to plankton. The Maldives is in the equatorial belt and therefore severe storms and cyclones are extremely rare events. When is the best time to visit the Maldives? The high season falls between December and March. The southwest monsoon or hulhangu from May to September is the wet season. Likened to a refreshing break amidst lots of sunshine, the showers are occasional and passing, making the Maldives very much an all-weather destination. The southwest monsoon brings the rainy season, and typically runs from May to October. Last yr during Oct, it didnt rain once, so its very much hit and miss. When is the Best Season to Travel Maldives? While the average amount of precipitation is about 2,540 mm in the north (Male), it reaches 3,810 mm in the southern parts (Gan). The Maldives is one of the ultimate destinations when it comes to a beach holiday or luxury honeymoon, and some of the most common questions we get asked are ‘What is the weather going to be like’ or ‘Can we go in the monsoon season’.
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