If the process seems a bit daunting, that’s ok. This is to encourage a stout, well-branched plant. Plant them if there are spots where you think poinsettias would look good and fit in well with your existing plants. By then, they look fairly scraggly, but moving them outside on a covered porch, they begin to grow new leaves and start to look good again. Even if it doesn't bloom again next Christmas, you can still enjoy it for many months. While it may be easier to buy new plants each year, it is possible to get them to rebloom the next season. Water: Poinsettias like moist, but not wet, soil. Keep in mind that you are trying to recreate a desert winter. It should be neither dripping wet nor totally dry, and if it is, … GEL.thepage = {}; GEL = {}; Two important factors in selecting a poinsettia are where it was grown and how long it had to travel, Harper said. Can I plant my Christmas gift poinsettias outside? } You can give them to … adtech_excludes = ''; [an error occurred while processing this directive] If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere where outdoor temperatures are around 70°F, you can keep your poinsettia outside, and make sure it gets at least part sun, or four to six hours of outdoor light a day. Poinsettia Care 101: Keep Your Poinsettia Thriving ‘Til Next Year. In fact, you can even plant them directly into the soil if desired. They do better kept a little bit on the moist side," he added. Keep it between 50 and 70 degrees. Business owners: We pay you to promote your deal ». poinsettia plants outside. To get poinsettias to re-bloom, limit its exposure to sunlight or this will affect the blooming process. When to Move Poinsettia Outside. In order to have in time for Thanksgiving – you can start this process around October 1st. If there's an empty space on the porch, on the doorsteps, or anywhere in between, you can be sure that we're going to fill it with a poinsettia pot. This article can help with that. Water in a sink, and let the excess water drain completely. Getting a poinsettia to rebloom is not an easy process, so don't be disheartened if you don't have success your first try. If the plant stands in water, the roots will rot. The lower night temperatures help the poinsettias keep their brilliant color. When keeping the plant through the year, begin fertilizing in the spring at half strength when there's no growth—not until then. document.write(''); Poinsettias are not poisonous. Poinsettias can stay attractive for months. Move the Poinsettia to a Larger Container. Poinsettias are great to have around the Christmas season. 10 Top Outdoor Garden Plants That Thrive Indoors. if ( adtech_excludes == '(none)' ) { If you want some "store bought" looking plants, take cuttings from your plants (don't worry you can still flower the parent plants too) from late April, up until you bring them inside to flower. jQuery(document).ready(function() { To get poinsettias to re-bloom, limit its exposure to sunlight or this will affect the blooming process. Javascript must be enabled on your browser to view this site. You can move the plant outdoors but poinsettia frost damage is a real threat if your area’s temperatures dip below 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 C.). if($.cookie('pre_ad') !== 'stitial') { When you are growing poinsettia plants outside, choose a spot with slightly acidic, well-draining soil. OAS_AD('ArticleFlex_1'). Poinsettias can stay attractive for months. Do watch for shriveled brown stems, which are an indication that your lovely Christmas flower may be dying a … The poinsettia is second only to the Christmas tree in popularity as a holiday plant, according to Floridata, an Internet landscape plant encyclopedia site. By then, they look fairly scraggly, but moving them outside on a covered porch, they begin to grow new leaves and start to look good again. Any good quality all-purpose liquid plant food is suitable for feeding a poinsettia, although liquid or soluble food is by far the easiest to apply. Keep the soil from getting soggy. Then you can transplant them to your garden in January, and let the natural changes in daylight trigger their color later in the year. Don’t transplant poinsettia plants outdoors right after Christmas. Flower buds should be seen by November if all goes well. If left unpinched, the poinsettia will grow tall and spindly. If your area gets cold in the fall and winter, you will want to keep it in a pot instead of transplanting to your flower garden. Too much water can kill a poinsettia. Can I plant my Christmas gift poinsettias outside? Feed every three to four weeks. Check often for whitefly and control if necessary. Make sure the container has a hole in the bottom. When June arrives and the possibility of frost is past, it's time to move the poinsettia outside. Actually, they are not flowers but modified leaves called bracts. A bit of temperature fluctuation is best. Keep the soil from getting soggy. } You can also move your poinsettia outside for the summer months. A loose, well-draining peat-based potting soil is best for your poinsettia. Harper's grows its poinsettias from cuttings in greenhouses at its Mesa nursery, 1830 E. McKellips Road. If the pot is covered by the typical foil wrapping, remove the foil to allow the water to drain. The more sun the better. } You can keep growing them like a houseplant if you like, but in the spring once the temperatures at night are regularly above 50°F, you can place your poinsettias outside if you want. Indoor temperatures from 60 to 70°F is ideal for long plant life. For nearly eight decades, this rumor has continued to circulate because of one unfounded story in 1919: that an Army officer’s two year old child allegedly died after eating a poinsettia leaf. $.cookie("pre_ad", "inter", { path: '/', domain: 'azcentral.com', expires: cDate }); If you want to save your poinsettia and bring it to bloom again next year, you can follow the repotting and reblooming procedure. Frequently Asked Questions Are poinsettias poisonous? Place it in a shady spot and both water and fertilize it regularly. DON’T Forget to Protect the Plant in the Car. Luckily, keeping a poinsettia fresh throughout the holidays is easy. Check on your poinsettia once a month. The poinsettia (or Mexican Flame Tree or Christmas Star, as it is also known) is synonymous with the festive season but keeping the plant alive long enough to see Christmas Day can be a challenge. } Place the poinsettia near a sunny window. They certainly are not meant to be eaten by humans, pets, or livestock and ingesting poinsettias would probably cause some stomach upset, as would eating almost any houseplant. var u= encodeURIComponent(window.location.href); June: Move the poinsettia outside, pot and all. Give them enough sun, warmth, and water and your poinsettia will provide perfect seasonal color. You may need to cut them a few times during growing season to keep them short and full but stop pruning after September 10. [an error occurred while processing this directive] Make sure to keep your poinsettia outside of any drafts, whether they are cold drafts from outside doors or warm drafts from heater vents. var cDate = new Date(); You can keep it outdoors in the balcony garden in the summer if sheltered from intense light and winds. You can share your full access digital subscription with a friend by simply entering in their email address. It does best as a houseplant in indoor gardens or on stable-temperature balcony gardens. You do have to follow these exact directions or it may not work as you want it to. var checkM8_site_control = 1; If you want to go the extra mile, you can take a few extra steps to ensure your plant flowers again in time for the next Christmas. We love the bright blooms of poinsettias.Every winter, they add festive cheer to holiday decorating inside and out. If you bought or received a poinsettia during the holidays, … window.scrollTo(0, 100); Poinsettias need bright, but filtered light, away from strong sun and draughts. Elect to keep other holiday favorites like Christmas cactus, Kalanchoe, and amaryllis bulbs that can make interesting houseplants. The plant can be moved outside in June and during the summer, but keep it away from direct sunlight. Keep it in a partially shaded location and maintain your watering and fertilizing schedule. Enjoy a limited number of free articles over the next 30 days. azcentral.com on your phone | Text message alerts. var adtech_pagealias = "azcentral.com/life/home/articles"; Poinsettias are native to Mexico, or USDA zones 9 to 11. } To get the red color on the plant’s leaves, you must change its normal photoperiod for two months every year. Poinsettias are the holiday season’s favorite plant! The plants will enter a dormancy period and will begin to lose leaves—this is normal. Then you can transplant them to your garden in January, and let the natural changes in daylight trigger their color later in the year. Prune often throughout the year to keep the poinsettias at this size. If the plant is damaged by frost, wait until spring and then cut it back to 12 to 18 inches tall. With joyful, vibrant red leaves, the poinsettia has become synonymous with Holiday cheer. adtech_pagealias = adtech_override; [an error occurred while processing this directive] A beloved holiday tradition both for decoration and gift giving, poinsettias also make attractive indoor plants all year long. Users of this site agree to the. In May, repot the plant with some additional potting soil; move it to a warm, sunny spot (maybe even … When cut, poinsettias leak a milky white sap that, though not poisonous, can cause some irritation, especially for people with latex allergies. While you won't be throwing those Christmas dinner leftovers to your plant, poinsettias do enjoy a little plant food from time to time to keep them looking their best. Slightly humid air will help prolong the plants' color and life span; consider misting the plants with a sprayer or placing them on gravel trays. But it's tricky to get them to re-bloom — that is, unless you live in a subtropical area. If you've ever seen a leggy poinsettia in bloom, with only a couple of sad looking leaves hanging on, it was probably exposed to temperatures that were too cool or to extreme shifts in temperature. Apply a houseplant fertilizer as needed. July: In early July, pinch back each stem by about one inch. If you keep it outside in your garden, keep an eye on it and water as needed. To keep the poinsettia in bloom as long as possible, maintain a temperature of 65 to 75 F during the day. After the holidays, poinsettias can be kept in a protected area outside; the ideal place is a covered patio. They are breakable in any high-traffic area if you walk by and brush against them," Harper said. The color is in the bracts or modified leaves. "It's just tradition," explained Jay Harper of Harper's Nurseries & Flower Shop in Scottsdale and Mesa. Do not let any part of plant touch cold window panes. if($.cookie("pre_ad") === 'inter'){ 'Jingle Bells' has red bracts dotted with pink. Get it free when you sign up for our newsletter. } If the container is too large, the soil can hold too much water, causing the roots of the poinsettia to rot, so it's best to choose a new container that is no more than 4" larger than the original. They look great bunched together in a wheelbarrow garden. Poinsettias can grow to be the size of a small tree, reaching 16 feet in height and 6 … Spring is in the air! obJ.disabled = ''; Besides the red variety, over the years, there’s been a rise in pink, yellow, white, and variegated varieties as well. var OAS_inter_stit = 'http://gannett.gcion.com/addyn/3.0/5111.1/1273035/0/0/ADTECH;alias=az-phoenix.azcentral/interstitial_Interstitial_Pagecount;' + They need a minimum temperature of 13-15°C (55-59°F). if(adtech_pagealias == 'azcentral.com/umbrella/front') { The actual flowers are small and yellow in color. You can keep poinsettias outside in containers or plant in beds as many resorts do this time of year, but make sure they are protected against extreme cold, Harper said. Better yet, take the plant outside to water, Harper said. Keep poinsettias away from small children and pets. At this range, the cold hardiness of poinsettias is below its tolerant point and leaves will drop. Too much water can kill a poinsettia. Don't put right inside the doorway either. Temperature The ideal inside temperature to keep poinsettias healthy is between 65 and 70 degrees F during the day and around 60 degrees F at night. If your poinsettia comes wrapped, either remove the plant from the wrapping and water, or poke a hole through the bottom of the wrapping to allow water to escape. Some people may have a skin reaction if exposed to the white sap found in the stems. $.azc.debug('interstitial: ' + obJ.disabled); Helping your houseplants thrive, picking out one of the new types of poinsettias, and harvesting decorations from around the yard are among the gardening jobs that can be done in … Poinsettia plants like it on the warmer (not hot) side during … Place them on a table or in a corner of the room that has good bright light and is away from the fireplace or other heat sources, he advised. Harper said red remains the most popular poinsettia color, including a bright red variety called Freedom. Visit Deal Chicken every day to find big savings from local businesses. // window.location.replace("http://a.azcentral.com/advert/interstitial/?loc=" + u); During the day, the plant needs bright light, but it should be placed in complete darkness every evening. #mpFirstLI span { background-image:url(http://k.azcentral.com/news/imgs/arrow-up-news-mp.gif) !important; display:block !important; } Meanwhile keep the plant in bright light and keep the soil moist, not soggy. } Allow the poinsettias to dry out a little more in the spring. Poinsettias can not live outside where the temperatures drop below 45 degrees and they can not tolerate frost. adtech_excludes = '(none)'; This is the tricky part: from early October, the plant needs fourteen hours of complete uninterrupted darkness to initiate buds for a Christmas display. Read on to get our best poinsettia care tips! If all goes well you will have a gorgeous red-leafed poinsettia to enjoy for another holiday season. But what is the actual cold hardiness of poinsettias? The familiar red blooms have been joined by even flashier colors. Hybridizers have expanded the range of colors from the familiar red to pastel yellow and vibrant bicolors. [an error occurred while processing this directive] Julie Thompson-Adolf is a master gardener and author with 13+ years of experience with year-round organic gardening, seed starting and saving, growing heirloom plants, perennials, and annuals, and sustainable and urban farming. Copyright © 2012, azcentral.com. In March, cut the plant back (it’s okay for your poinsettia to even be leafless). Get free local and national breaking news alerts sent to your phone. Keep the darkness treatment going if needed until your poinsettia has fully transformed. The bright bracts are designed to attract insects to the tiny yellow flowers in their centers. Aside from a Christmas tree, nothing says “holidays” like poinsettias. If your home tends to be dry and your poinsettia is in direct light, you will find yourself watering more frequently, but never water every day. To be safe, wash your hands after handling a poinsettia plant and try to avoid pinching or pruning them with your hands. Water the plant whenever the surface feels dry to the touch. Water until it drains out the bottom, but do not let the plant sit in water. When evening temperatures begin to drop in August or September, move the plant indoors and keep the soil moist. Water it enough, and make sure it drains. Yes, they are a major staple when it comes to the holiday season, but with a little TLC, your poinsettias can look gorgeous all year-round. var rt_url = window.location; //retweet URL return; var adtech_server = "gannett.gcion.com"; //Adtech Server Name if ( typeof adtech_override != 'undefined' ) { var ent= new RegExp(/\/(ent|members|thingstodo|jobs|realestate)\//); var adtech_excludes = "Frame2,Pop_Under"; Poinsettia plants outdoors must have a sunny corner to call home, somewhere protected from harsh winds that can damage them quickly. If you can't keep your poinsettia alive, chop it up and boil it for a beautiful floral arrangement, ... With enough water, cut poinsettias can stay fresh for up to two weeks. A wilted plant can be revived and salvaged, but it will take another season to improve its appearance. Poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima) originate in Mexico and thrive in the heat. Learn more in this article. Poinsettia plants (Euphorbia pulcherrima) remain one of the most popular holiday flowers. How big do poinsettias get? Dropping the temperature to about 60 F at night will not hurt the plant. Because poinsettias have been forced into bloom, they need some extra care to keep them in bloom throughout the holidays. Sign up to get the deal e-mailed to you each day » var adtechnetworkid = "5111.1"; // 5111.1 // Adtech Network ID Click below to proceed. "They don't like to dry out too much. In May, cut about four inches from each stem to produce a lush, full plant during the winter. Keep It Dark. Poinsettias love a humid environment, so keeping them near other poinsettias or close to other plants helps to preserve their humid micro climate. Be especially careful not to rub your eyes after touching the plants. You can depend on each issue containing a to-do list for the north Florida gardener, ... leaves drop and poinsettias often die. The fancy hybrids do not grow as easily as the standard red ones. Lack of humidity during dry seasons, in particular, winter, is an ongoing houseplant problem. Around mid-July, pinch each stem back, leaving three to four leaves on each stem. [an error occurred while processing this directive] Nothing is worse than buying a $30 poinsettia only to have it drop most of its leaves and wilt before Christmas Day. Your poinsettias need water when the soil feels dry if you push down slightly on the surface. function interStitial() { The secret to healthy plants is knowing how to transplant poinsettias and what continued care they need. A poinsettias planted outdoors when warm weather stabilizes can turn into the prettiest tropical plant in your yard. It is the Christmas plant," he said. [an error occurred while processing this directive] Slightly humid air will help prolong the plants' color and life span; consider misting the plants with a sprayer or placing them on gravel trays. This can be done by placing in a closet or completely dark area early each evening, and then bringing … High … } As spring and warmer temperatures arrive, you can take the plants outside. If possible, check the soil before buying. For years poinsettias were considered extremely poisonous, but research has shown that is not the case. If it has grown since the last check, trim the stems back down to 6 inches (15 cm) or to your desired size, leaving 3 or 4 new leaves on the stems. I live in western Montana so they stay inside in a southern window until about late June, early July. Help your poinsettia to turn red by placing it in total darkness for 14 hours each day, starting eight weeks before you want to display it. You don’t have to throw them out with your tree when the holidays are over. Keep it above 13°C/55°F - it can even go outside in summer. Jan 15, 2017 - Transplanting poinsettia plants will ensure they get plenty of root room as they grow and a new source of nutrition. South-, east- or west-facing windows are preferable to a north-facing window. But it's tricky to get them to re-bloom — that is, unless you live in a subtropical area. I live in western Montana so they stay inside in a southern window until about late June, early July. Poinsettias are tropicals and will appreciate as much direct sunlight as you can provide. }); GEL.thepage.bannerManager.add = function(obJ) { Place your holiday poinsettia in a bright, sunny location. Avoid exposing the poinsettia to freezing conditions. Poinsettias need at least 14 hours of complete darkness each night for six to 10 weeks to trigger bloom. How to Keep a Poinsettia Alive Through Christmas. } adtech_pagealias = 'azcentral.com/umbrella/front'; Following these steps won’t guarantee your poinsettia will thrive all year, but it can keep them healthy and alive for many months after the traditional holidays come to an end. If you wish to keep your poinsettia through more than one season and force reblooming, follow these steps. You can move your poinsettia plant outdoors when the nighttime temperatures stay above 55 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the night. 4. That means covering them or bringing them in on nights a freeze is expected. "I think it is part of decorating for the holidays. Do not fertilize your indoor poinsettias until you are ready to move them outside. Prune back the plants in early summer, and again in mid-summer to keep the plant full and bushier. Harper knows of some poinsettia owners whose plants lasted through Easter. Indoor Move. Also, make sure it has not dropped any leaves, which can occur while kept in boxes for shipment. Return the poinsettias indoors beginning around October. var adtech_throttle = 4; // This variable controls the flow of adtech calls:0 = none;1 = 25%;2 = 50%;3 = 75%;>3 = 100% (You can keep it in the same place as your mushroom log !) The plants can be moved outside in June and during the summer, but keep them away from direct sunlight. A clear plastic saucer will keep water from soaking your tile or carpeting. Place the poinsettia in a sunny window. Some stores sell poinsettias in cellophane cones that … Do not fertilize your indoor poinsettias until you are ready to move them outside. I don't want to pamper them all year to rebloom as houseplants. One reason poinsettias are so popular is that the red color (or whatever color you select) lasts a very long time. Besides the traditional red, you will find different colors to enjoy, including cream, yellow, and pink. … I have 2 poinsettias that I’ve been able to keep alive and blooming for 3 years. If you care for them properly, there is no reason why you can’t keep them until next year. Protect the plants from both cold and hot drafts from outside doors, heat registers or appliances. Your poinsettia plant should have a rounded shape, with dense and compact growth. I have 2 poinsettias that I’ve been able to keep alive and blooming for 3 years. Think of milkweed, another common Euphorbia. Depending on your climate, poinsettias tend to due better outside than in, so grow them outside where they get partial shade in the afternoon. Once you get your poinsettia home, keep it away from drafts. 13 ways to make visitors feel comfortable in your home, Chef Dish: Top 5 important kitchen skills, Keep holiday poinsettias pretty with proper care, Arizona Garden: Leaning saguaro needs professional help, Crafters find Tyvek can do more than wrap, Venison With Pears, Bacon and Pomegranate, Stunning Bruder-designed home near Piestewa Peak, Mesa midcentury tour home is ahead of its time, Former crack den transformed into mod apartments, Old World opulence is one of four Mesa tour 'gems', Sign up to get the deal e-mailed to you each day », Business owners: We pay you to promote your deal », Privacy Policy/Your California Privacy Rights. cDate.setTime(cDate.getTime() + (480 * 60 * 1000)); Buying Poinsettias. Introducing "One Thing": A New Video Series, The Spruce Gardening & Plant Care Review Board, The Spruce Renovations and Repair Review Board. Your plant should be sturdy, not wilted-looking. Poinsettia is a perennial shrub native to the tropical areas of Central America and Mexico. The Arizona Republic. "They don't like the heater draft or the cold air from the door being opened or closed. • Do not be afraid that poinsettias are toxic to your animals. Be careful when transporting poinsettias from the shop to your home in the winter, as the cold outdoor temperatures can damage the foliage. Congratulations! if(typeof obJ.disabled == "undefined") { Poinsettias also come in burgundy (dark red), pink, white, marble and variegated. However, poinsettias have undergone extensive testing and there is no evidence that they are toxic or unsafe to have in the house. Keep the temperature around 60–68 degrees Fahrenheit. They are members of the euphorbiaceae family and produce a milky sap that can be an irritant, Harper said. #on- span { display:block !important; } Activate your account now. In frost-free zones, plants can be transplanted into the garden. Poinsettia Care Tips. If you get sap on you, quickly rinsing it off with water and soap should be enough to prevent irritation. Whether you are gifted with a green thumb or not, our guide will help you grow the perfect houseplants. Put your plant in an area that gets light, but avoid direct sunlight.