Dino Time Watch trailers, read customer and critic reviews and buy Dino Time directed by Yoon S. Choi for £1.99. It's not always easy under the strict rule of his mom Sue - especially with his sister Julia following him around and trying to get him into trouble every chance she gets - but he still manages to stir up some fun. Dino Time. Title: Burger Attendant Filming & Production Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Barney, Baby Bop, BJ and Riff decide to help out by sharing their favorite fairy tale stories. ... Julia (voice) Pamela Adlon. Directed by Yoon-suk Choi, John Kafka. Some of the animation is serviceable enough, the colours are pretty and exotic looking and the backgrounds are nicely rendered and quite rich in detail. voiced by Pamela Adlon and 2 others. (voice) (as Grey Delisle), Borace / Dino Time Cast. Some of the animation is serviceable enough, the colours are pretty and exotic looking and the backgrounds are nicely rendered and quite rich in detail. Guard #2 / Dino Time is a 2012 South Korean computer-animated fantasy comedy adventure film produced by CJ Entertainment and distributed by Clarius Entertainment. "Dino Time" is a Korea-USA co-production. ... See full summary », Three curious kids accidentally trip an egg-shaped time machine into operation and find themselves back 65 million years in the middle of a nest of dinosaur eggs. At the South Pole, the walruses install a rule of terror for the penguins. Dino Time is a 2012 animated film directed by Yoon-Suk Choi and John Kafka. Now the kids have just until the real eggs hatch to find their way back to the present, facing other prehistoric monsters and dangers along the way. 'Dino Time' is not a complete waste of time. Produced By. Tour Guide / Baby T-Rex Was this review helpful to you? The first thing they see is a giant T-Rex staring down at them in happy wonder. Get Ready For Dino Fury Here's the rundown on Dino Fury from the latest trailer. Robert Abramoff, Joonbum Heo, David Lovegren, Jae Y. Moh, Jae Woo Park. My daughter is 4 and she loves it, I'm letting her be the judge. Company Credits Along with his friends, The Jungle Bunch, he intends to maintain... See full summary ». Some of the voice cast … A stranded little cat tries to find a way to back home. They're not food, they're family! (voice) (as Grey Delisle), Borace / Synopsis. voiced by Yuri Lowenthal. Directed By. (voice) (as Roger C. Smith), Additional Voices Watch trailers, read customer and critic reviews, and buy Dino Time directed by Yoon S. Choi for $11.99. He must survive the arctic winter, vicious enemies and himself in order to be reunited with his beloved one next spring. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. A time machine whisks rambunctious Ernie, his sister Julia and best friend Max to prehistoric Earth and a chance encounter with a mother T-Rex. American Film Market. Tyra. Big Guard Tour Guide / (voice), Additional Voices Tommy and his sister travel to the Equator, where legend says a jungle 'penguin warrior' and his six companions ... See full summary ». The Dino Fury Red Ranger, Zayto, will be played by Russel Curry, the Dino Fury Blue Ranger, Ollie, will be played by Kai Moya, and the Dino Fury Pink Ranger, Amelia, will be played by Hunter Deno. (voice) (as Jessica Dicicco), storyboard supervisor: Atomic Cartoons (as Rob Davies). Max. Here are some of our picks to get you in the spirit. Dino Time in US theaters December 7, 2012 starring Rob Schneider, Jane Lynch, Tara Strong, Melanie Griffith. Music career Dino then became a singer, first as part of the group Esquire, and later as a solo artist. A resourceful penguin, his piscine mate in a bowl, a brainy tarsier, a bat, a gorilla, a frog and a toad form a team to help fellow forest dwellers in times of distress. The English dub was released on June 2, 2015 with the English dub voices led by Melanie Griffith, Jane Lynch, William Baldwin, Stephen Baldwin, and Rob Schneider. See which other trailers racked up the views this year. Dino Time (2012) "3 kids accidentally travel 65 million years into the past, are taken in by a dinosaur and must receive a missing piece of their time machine to get home." (voice), Additional Voices Dino Time ( 156 ) IMDb 4.7 1h 25min 2015 Including a stellar voice cast with Rob Schneider (Grown-ups), Melanie Griffith (Stuart Little 2), Stephen Baldwin (Fred Claus), William Baldwin (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) and Jane Lynch (Wreck-it-Ralph). Your favorite animals are back for an all-new family adventure! (2012). Use the HTML below. Dino Hunters plot and series summary Cowboys and ranchers rely on their deep knowledge of the land to search for prehistoric dinosaur fossils – from T-Rex and Triceratops to discovering a rare and disputed dinosaur species. Rated PG for some scary action and mild rude humor, Go Back to the Jurassic Era with Time Machine Vr Launch Trailer, Off The Shelf – Episode 53 – New Releases For Tuesday, June 9th 2015, Midnight Screenings: Fast and Furious 6/Epic. Raised by a tigress, he's the clumsiest Kung-Fu master ever. 0 comments "65 million years ago an ancient force brought the … (voice), Horace / However, they have trouble getting home after they lose the power key to their time … DINO TIME 製作年度 2012年 上映時間 86分 製作国 アメリカ,韓国 ジャンル アドベンチャー ファミリー コメディ アニメ 監督 ジョン・カフカ チェ・ヨンスク 脚本 アダム・ビーチェン パク・ジェウ ザック・ローゼンブラット ジェームズ・グレコ 音楽 Yoon-Suk Choi, John Kafka. | The actors’ instagram announcements are embedded below in which they all express their excitement to be joining the long-running legacy of the Power Rangers series. They're not food, they're family! Cast. Guard #2 / Written by ... Baby T-Rex (voice) (as Grey Delisle) Tara Strong. Dino Hunters originally came out on Friday, June 19, 2020. Find out when Yabba Dabba Dinosaurs is on TV, including Series 1-Episode 16: The Dino Whisperer. Yellowbird is a teeny tiny orphaned bird that has never left the nest, has no family, yet desperately wants one - That is, until he finds himself leading a flock on their migration to Africa. After a lackluster Fan First Friday for Power Rangers from Hasbro, an entirely disappointing Power Rangers Day, we have yet to get an official announcement on the upcoming cast for Power Rangers Dino … Official Sites Add the first question. In this exciting adventure for the whole family, three kids land in prehistoric times and are adopted by a nurturing mother T. Rex. This multi-pack of characters from the Mechazoic Era offers size and variety with die-cast Dinotrux characters Ty Rux, Garby, Ton-Ton, Skya, Revvit and Ace. 다이노 타임 (dai-no ta-im) Directed by Choi Yoon-seok-I (최윤석), John Kafka (존 카프카) Screenplay by Adam Beechen (아담 비첸), James Greco (제임스 그레코), Park Jae-woo (박재우), Zachary Rosenblatt (재커리 로젠블라트) • Adventure • Animation • Comedy. Dino Time is a brilliant animated adventure story that follows three mischievous kids, Ernie, his sister Julia and his best friend Max as they are transported back 65 million years in time where they meet a T-Rex named Tyra (Melanie Griffith, Stuart Little 2) and her rambunctious dinosaur son Dodger (Rob Schneider, The Reef 2: High Tide).

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