The GSI 10 protocol was used for all phantom sizes to allow for a direct comparison of the effect of phantom size on measured enhancement for a given technique. Previous studies have found that the typical precontrast CT number of RCC is approximately 35‐40 HU,20 and that the known unenhanced CT number range for RCC is 20‐70 HU.6 Therefore, enhancing lesions were simulated by first acquiring TUE images with a water‐blood surrogate mixture to achieve a CT number of 40 HU. Let me know if you use another useful settings. The CT number of the phantom background was measured to be approximately −65 HU at 120 kVp, which is lower than the CT number of soft tissue and abdominal organs. MSI claims a "bezel-free" design, and the edging (or lack thereof) does provide a more immersive experience than you'd get otherwise. - Exclusive msi VIVID Image Enhancement Technology msi's exclusive VIVID LCD technology is able to display signals for a better richness in colors. Zero enhancement was simulated by imaging each phantom configuration with distilled water in the phantom’s inserts for pre‐ and postcontrast imaging. It is crucial that the quantification of enhancement be accurate, as it has been characterized as the most important criteria in determining surgical from nonsurgical renal masses.2 Previously, a change in CT number of 10 Hounsfield units (HU) or more between pre‐ and postcontrast images was considered positive for enhancement; however, with the advent of helical CT it has been proposed that this threshold should be increased to account for helical interpolation.3 Enhancement is now commonly characterized by a change of 20 or more in measured CT number between TUE and postcontrast images, although this number is not universally agreed upon.2 As a result, a mass with enhancement measuring between 10‐20 HU can be considered “intermediate” and may require further evaluation.2, Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) is the most common kidney cancer in adults, accounting for approximately 90% of renal neoplasms and 3% of all adult malignancies.4 RCC is an aggressive disease that has a 5‐year survival rate of 95% for Stage 1 disease, but less than 20% for Stage 4 disease.5 The diagnosis of RCC based on the appearance of a lesion on CT imaging can vary widely in difficulty. Here you can find all the settings you can change. - MSI’s Exclusive Vivid Image Enhancement Technology The Vivid Technology can enhance the richness in colors from the source of the signal so the images displayed can provide more levels and details. ΔVUE was significantly less than ΔTUE for simulation of positively enhancing lesions (Fig. The quantification of enhancement has been stated to be the most important criterion in distinguishing surgical from nonsurgical masses,2 therefore the accurate quantification of enhancement in borderline masses is of particular importance. However, this is not that fast, and you do not want to set this each time for the different kinds of games you are playing. 1631 Prince Street, Alexandria, VA 22314, Phone 571-298-1300, Fax 571-298-1301 Send general questions to Use of the site constitutes Dawn Olivia Popnoe, Department of Diagnostic Radiology, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas, Department of Biostatistics, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas, Department of Imaging Physics, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas. Different phases of renal enhancement: role in detecting and characterizing renal masses during helical CT, Pitfalls in renal mass evaluations and how to avoid them, Variability of CT attenuation measurements in virtual unenhanced images generated using multimaterial decomposition from fast Kilovoltage‐Switching Dual‐Energy CT. Renal cyst pseudoenhancement at multidetector CT: What are the effects of number of detectors and peak tube voltage? However, for simulation of intermediate and positively enhancing lesions significant differences were observed, with posterior probabilities < 0.05, indicating significantly lower measured enhancement when using VUE versus TUE images. ΔVUE was lower than ΔTUE for intermediate enhancing, or borderline, simulated lesions (Fig. A basis pair of materials with a large separation in linear attenuation coefficients can be chosen, commonly water and iodine, and used for material decomposition. Low Blue Light (LBL) settings are included, in keeping with other … The part to change settings on your monitor you can find highlighted below. In: International Society for Optics and Photonics, Multi‐material decomposition of spectral CT images, Physically meaningful virtual unenhanced image reconstruction from Dual‐Energy CT, Feasibility of virtual nonenhanced images derived from single‐source fast kVp switching Dual‐Energy CT in evaluating gastric tumors, Evaluation of virtual noncontrast images obtained from Dual‐Energy CTA for diagnosing subarachnoid hemorrhage, Distinguishing enhancing from nonenhancing renal lesions with fast Kilovoltage‐Switching Dual‐Energy CT. Dual‐energy multidetector CT: how does it work, what can it tell us, and when can we use it in abdominopelvic imaging? When the SGD web server Welcome page displays, click Install an Oracle Secure Global Desktop Enhancement Module. GX620 features a 15.4-inch LCD display, NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT 3D graphics card and MSI's exclusive vivid image enhancement technology. A 2‐mL serological pipette with a specified precision of ± 0.01 mL (Fisherbrand, Fisher Scientific, Pittsburgh, PA) was used to pipette the Optiray 320. Abbreviations: DECT, Dual‐Energy CT; GSI, gemstone spectral imaging; SECT, single‐energy CT; SFOV, scan field of view. (a) True unenhanced image, (b) postcontrast image, (c) virtual unenhanced image reconstructed from Dual‐Energy computed tomography dataset. All enhancement measurements categorized as negative using ΔTUE were also categorized as negative using ΔVUE. I have one set to 144hz the other to 60hz. When the game or application will start, it will automatically load the monitor settings for that profile and will return to default when the game or application will stop running. Measured enhancement was quantified for the SECT dataset by calculating the difference in measured CT number between the 120 kVp postcontrast scan and the TUE images (henceforth referred to as ΔTUE). Moreover, you can add an Alarm clock to your monitor if you want to keep track of time or in game events. The major/minor axes of the phantoms were selected to correspond to the 5th (28.3/17.4 cm), 50th (36.1/22.2 cm), and 95th (47.9/29.4 cm) percentiles of the adult population of the United States. The authors have no relevant conflicts of interest to disclose. In practice, curved displays should alleviate eye strain over flat panel displays with an enhanced FOV. VideoCleaner is professional grade, cost-free, ad-free, and open source. In any case, the observed differences in CT number resulting from pseudoenhancement would tend only to increase measured enhancement slightly, consistent with pseudoenhancement. With this setting, you can add another source to your monitor and watch 2 sources at the same time. 5). This may indicate that the difference between enhancement quantified using ΔVUE and ΔTUE is not clinically significant for highly enhancing masses. No problem! In the postcontrast configuration, a single‐energy CT (SECT) scan was acquired at 120 kVp followed by the DECT dataset. Things you can change with this setting are: Input source; change the input source manually. Let’s check out all the things you can set with our MSI Gaming OSD APP. The "Creator Center" completed perfect user experience Most of the MSI gaming notebook users knew that MSI got "Dragon ..... adjust, sound enhancement and Gaming Mode inside. The simulation of nonenhancing lesions provides a baseline comparison of VUE to TUE images. Note that the mAs used for dual energy acquisition is linked to the GSI protocol selected. For this computation, all enhancement values < 15 HU were considered to be negative for enhancement, and all values ≥ 15 HU were considered positive for enhancement. The MSI Optix MAG321CQR supports a maximum of 144Hz so it’s pretty smooth and responsive. Gamers love to have the best way to view their games. The system settings menu is to change the basis settings of the monitor. Try to set a system restore point before installing a device driver. This is especially handy when you are using the monitor with its FreeSync option. However, given the results of the intermediate enhancement experiment, the overall results of this study indicate that it may not be feasible to replace TUE images with VUE images as a baseline for calculating enhancement. Latent fingermarks are routinely visualised by subjecting them to one or more CSI/crime lab processes to maximise the recovery of ridge flow and minut… Refresh rate = 144hz , Black Tuner = 10 , Response Time = Fastest , Anti Motion Blur = On , Image Enhancement = Medium , Contrast = 60 or Higher , Sharpness = 0 , Color Temp = Warm. Then we also set the image enhancement to the highest among all our modes for better clarity of the visuals. This study sought to assess the feasibility of replacing TUE images with virtual unenhanced (VUE) images derived from Dual‐Energy CT datasets in renal CT exams. The joystick can also be used for creating shortcuts in the monitor settings. In this way, you cannot aim perfect and are missing your shots. Three phantoms were constructed to simulate small, medium, and large patients, each with varying lesion size and location. MSI’s gaming monitors are equipped with a joystick where you can change these settings with your hand. This allows you to select a downscale filter that will provide a small image sharpness enhancement, at the cost of some encoder workload. The difference in CT number of the mass in pre‐ and postcontrast images is used to quantify enhancement, which is an important criterion used for diagnosis. Phantoms were constructed and used to compare the accuracy of measured enhancement when VUE images were used as the baseline versus TUE images across a range of simulated clinical scenarios. Number of times cited according to CrossRef: Comparison of virtual to true unenhanced abdominal computed tomography images acquired using rapid kV-switching dual energy imaging. With the MSI Optix MAG251RX monitor, you don't have to choose between image quality and the gaming performance. This video quality enhancement application is widely used by law enforcement agencies and forensic experts. Both are set the same beside FreeSync: Under Gaming - RPG mode, Black Tuner: 9, Response Time: Fast, I do have Free Sync on the 144hz and I'm using G-Sync. These values were chosen because they corresponded to the lower bound and typical value for the known RCC “danger zone” of 20‐70 HU on precontrast imaging, which allows for simulation of borderline lesions.6 Note that apple juice was used as a blood surrogate in this study, as it was found to have a similar effective atomic number, density, and CT number to blood. This implies a maximum increase of 3.7 HU in measured enhancement, which still resulted in measured enhancement being significantly lower for ΔVUE compared to ΔTUE for all simulations. 4. Theoretically, material decomposition can be generalized to decompose an arbitrary number of materials12; however, this work focuses on basis pair decomposition. Multiphase computed tomography (CT) exams are a noninvasive imaging technique commonly used for the diagnosis of renal masses.1 These exams include a true unenhanced (TUE) phase of imaging, the administration of an iodinated contrast agent, followed by one or more postcontrast phases. Each phantom was composed of four plates made of high density polyethylene (Fig. Image 3 of 3. Data were analyzed using Bayesian hierarchical models that incorporated all sources of experimental uncertainty. An additional study should be conducted to determine the optimal postcontrast phase for VUE image reconstruction. These variables included patient size, lesion size, Gemstone Spectral Imaging (GSI) protocol used, and level of simulated enhancement. Brightness; where you can set how bright your monitor will be shining. Let’s take a look: Color Temperature setting you can set the colors a little different so that you can get the optimal colors for your game. Intermediate (10‐20 HU [Hounsfield units]) and positively enhancing masses (≥20 HU) were simulated by filling the spherical inserts in each phantom with varied levels of iodinated contrast mixed with a blood surrogate.

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