A $200 deposit is required to hold your booking date. In the spring we saw an amazing big fish bite with most of the fish being pre-spawn and at their heaviest weight of the year. The time to fish the Meander is from mid-November through until the season closes. Last time. Drifting mayfly, caddis and terrestrial patterns like beetles are a great way to fish. Despite the amazing bags of big smallmouth bass that have just kept coming and coming and coming from Lake St. Clair this week, there has also been a constant stream of complaints. In St Clair Shores the Blossom Heath Park and Pier allows families to fish from the pier. I fish for muskie from when the season opens on the first Saturday in June until late October when I put the boat away. … I don’t have a boat big enough to safely get out on Lake St. Clair, Saginaw Bay or the Detroit or St. Clair rivers. All Muskie Charters are for 5 people or less. Lake St. Clair has become a world renowned smallmouth bass fishery. In summer there are lots of great places to fish in Lake St. Clair and contact muskies while casting. St. Clair "the best worst" smallmouth lake. An Area of Concern is a geographic region with levels of contamination and habitat loss that impair beneficial uses or the area’s ability to support aquatic life. Lake St. Clair has the second most registered muskies of any lake listed in Muskies, Inc. The Lake St. Clair Guide magazine and website provides several maps to help you make the most of your time on Lake St. Clair. Your resource for St. Croix River fishing information, fishing photos, walleye fishing, Asian carp updates, St. Croix River crossing information. In years past it was a great opportunity to go fly fishing on Lake St Clair with hex nymphs and dry flies. Six plus pound fish are fairly … Most walleye anglers in southern Ontario know that the Detroit River is a real hot-spot starting from March and right through until the fall, but did you know that the St. Clair River at Sarnia, ON can also produce good number of walleye all season long. Use a fish finder to locate numbers of fish which are not following the usual pattern, checking areas of the lake that other anglers say is a waste of time. This large population of North Americas favourite game fish thrives by no accident or coincidence. As mentioned in the article, fall may be your best chance to catch a 5 lb smallmouth bass as they have all had the summer to fatten up! The main shipping channel from the north along with the many branches of the St. Clair River where they enter the lake all offer classic spots to find muskies. The lake is the best body of water for numbers of fish in the 30- to 40-pound and 50-inch ranges. The entire St. Clair River is an “Area of Concern” under the United States' and Canada's Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement. After clearing up the Zebra mussels the smallmouth population in Clair has absolutely exploded. Lighthouse Cove Ontario. By Seamus on 4/10/2020) • Views (400) Johnnies Highway. The complaints are about the … In St. Clair, perch and shad enter the forage mix, and there’s plenty of grass for the fish to roam around in. Fish for Musky, smallmouth bass and walleye on Lake St. Clair and the Detroit River, MI with fishing guide and charter Captain Doug Samsal to show you where to find the big ones. Hundreds of people fish for silver bass along the Detroit River at Centennial Park, Saturday, May 18, 2013. LSC-034. You’ll be catching fish in no time! The 'lake' flushes itself into Lake Erie an average of every seven days, taking as little as 2 days or as long as 30 days to push the flow from the St. Clair River, through the Detroit River… By Seamus on 4/10/2020) • Views (255) Small Hump. For those of you who have never experienced Lake St. Clair smallmouth fishing, this is something that should definitely be on your list of things to do!