It is classified as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List 2020 (last assessed … Threats. In this educational story, readers follow a cute little Handfish … Specific threats to Spotted handfish include habitat degradation, such as pollution, urban and industrial development, heavy metals, and historical scallop dredging. The spotted handfish is listed as critically endangered. Photo by: Mark Green – CSIRO. “As they lack a larval stage, they are unable to disperse to new locations—and consequently, handfish populations are very localized and vulnerable to threats.” In 1996, he adds, another species called the spotted handfish … The Spotted Handfish is currently listed as Critically Endangered under the Commonwealth and as Endangered in Tasmania. The spotted handfish (Brachionichthys hirsutus) is a rare Australian fish in the handfish family Brachionichthyidae. In more recent times, introduced North Pacific … Only two spotted hand fish … Critically endangered spotted handfish live in the Derwent River Estuary near Hobart, Tasmania, and are threatened by warming waters and pollution. Now restricted to a small marine area off Tasmania, the handfish has faced a series of compounding threats… The Spotted Handfish is famous for two reasons: walking on its ‘hands’ (pectoral fins), and for being the one of the first marine fish in the world to be recognised as critically endangered. The ‘cool’ spotted handfish: adult and juvenile. Its decline has been attributed to a number of factors including Northern Pacific Seastar, habitat modification and heavy metal contamination. Its relative, the smooth handfish, … Threats The decline of spotted handfish populations may have started as a result of incidental capture from historic near-shore dredge fisheries for scallops. The decline of Spotted handfish in the … Handfish face a number of threats - including introduced predators such as Northern Pacific Seastars, pollution, siltation, historical commercial dredge fisheries (at least for Spotted handfish), boat moorings, coastal development, and habitat decline (e.g. A fascinating resource about the Critically Endangered Spotted Handfish which explores marine habitats, conservation, threats and life cycles, published by the CSIRO. via pollution or increases in urchins which remove the seaweed that Red and Ziebell's handfish … A small population, restricted distribution and vulnerable life cycle are key. There are a number of reasons the handfish is listed as endangered. The greatest threats to the handfish … Rick Stuart-Smith Dr Jemina Stuart-Smith of the University of Tasmania is an expert on handfish. The only sad story you need to tell this spotted handfish is that its close relative is now extinct.