Nine Key Points of Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) BOS is the result of a decade-long study of 150 strategic moves spanning more than 30 industries over 100 years (1880-2000). In carrying out the Blue Ocean Strategy scenario provides a series of interactive group scenarios designed to deepen participants' understandi red, blue A ocean strategy is about doing business where there is no competitor. As a potential entrepreneur, it's not about ideas. ∗Blue Ocean Strategy is a: ∗Value Innovation Strategy – competes in an uncontested market space ∗“Combination Strategy ”: pursue differentiation while controlling costs. Social sector application and research, including such topics as how Blue Ocean Strategy can be applied in the developing world to mitigate poverty and improve education and health. There are three top-tier components in blue ocean strategy: Value Innovation; Fair Process; Tipping Point Leadership; We will focus on value innovation, often described as the heart of blue ocean strategy. The creation of blue oceans is about driving costs down while simultaneously driving value up for buyers. Value Innovation – The Cornerstone of BOS Value innovation places equal emphasis on value and innovation. Blue Ocean Strategy Implementation Self-Diagnostic: Tipping Point Leadership and Fair Process in Action Case Solution, This Case is about COMPETITIVE STRATEGY, GOVERNMENT, INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS, LEADERSHIP, MOTIVATING PEOPLE, PSYCHOLOGY, STRATEGIC … Eliminate Costs •. Since the publication of our research on blue ocean strategy, where we outline the pattern of market-creating strategy for growth, a question we often confronted was how the creation of blue oceans or new markets differs from disruption. Blue oceans, where a market space is new and uncontested, and strategy centers around value innovation. Instead, Nintendo used Blue Ocean Strategy to redefine market boundaries, creating the best-selling video-game console ever, the Nintendo Wii. Understanding Tipping Point Leadership. Traditional Competitive Strategies. Start developing Blue Ocean Strategy for your organisation in order to break away from the competition through ‘Value Innovation’, the … They assert that these strategic moves create a leap in value for the company, its buyers, and its employees while unlocking new demand and making the competition irrelevant. Public sector application and research, including the application of Blue Ocean Shift, Blue Ocean Strategy, and Blue Ocean Leadership to governments and non-profits. Blue Ocean Strategy Implementation Self-Diagnostic: Tipping Point Leadership and Fair Process in Action Case Solution, Implementation of the Blue Ocean strategy? Start studying Chapter 6 Business Strategy: Different, Cost Leadership, and Blue Oceans. Using the five scenarios participants work in teams as they learn to apply key concepts of tipping point leadership and fair process. published: 31 Oct 2008. Blue ocean strategy pushes companies to create new industries and break away from the competition. Learn how to engage your colleagues in a Blue Ocean Strategy process. Motivate your organisation. Figure 2: Value Innovation. Return to Blue Ocean Strategy PowerPoint Template. Conceptual Framework and Strategy Propositions Conceptual Framework Strategy Propositions•Value Innovation •Value Proposition•Tipping Point Leadership •Profit Proposition•Fair Process •People Proposition 5. blue ocean strategy Blue Ocean Strategy Tools BOS Strategy Tools Value Innovation •. Blue oceans need to be created continuously, as real innovations are not just one-time fads. In order to create this shift in attention from Red Oceans to Blue Oceans the authors came up with a concept called ‘Value Innovation‘ that allows for a simultaneous pursuit of both differentiation and low-cost. Some strategic planning models are based on theories that don’t quite pan out during go-to-market executions. Here are key points of the Blue Ocean Strategy: It’s more than theoretical. In their analysis of strategic moves over 120 years, the authors found a consistent pattern to successful blue ocean strategies: value innovation. Value Innovation. The Blue Ocean Strategy Implementation Scenario Case offers a set of interactive group scenarios which are designed to deepen the participants' understanding of blue ocean strategy implementation principles. Blue Ocean Strategy Implementation Scenario Case: Tipping Point Leadership and Fair Process in Action Case Solution, The setting? Tipping point The PMS map ... in a market concept and the ocean strategies of developing markets through value innovation to change the nature of the market can help the organization to gain success. Tipping point leadership. Activate your subscription. A blue ocean strategy differs from a low-cost strategy in that A) the intent of a blue ocean strategy is not to be the absolute lowest-cost provider because a blue ocean must also increase perceived value. Download. Kim WC(1), Mauborgne R. Author information: (1) When William Bratton was appointed police commissioner of New York City in 1994, turf wars over jurisdiction and funding were rife and crime was out of control. Trend 1: A rising call for creative new solutions. Yet in less than two years, and without an increase in his budget, Bratton turned New York into the safest large city in the nation. Develop an actionable plan. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Tipping Point Leadership was created by researchers W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne to show how leadership can work in business.. The crucial strategy here is to stop competing with others. Tipping Point Leadership at a Glance Leaders like Bill Bratton use a four-step process to bring about rapid, dramatic, and lasting change with limited resources. Download unlimited PowerPoint templates, charts and graphics for your presentations with our annual plan. Raise •. Piece of self is composed of a series of survey questions that give participants a practical tool for managers t The other two components are important but too often ignored. Value Innovation Costs Buyer Value Simultaneous Pursuit of Differentiation and Low Cost Blue Ocean Strategy 6 Value Innovation 7. In contrast, Blue Ocean Strategy originated from a study that took place over 10 years and analyzed company successes and failures in more than 30 industries. The Blue Ocean Strategy Implementation Self-Diagnostic is comprised of a series of probing questions that offer executive participants a practical tool for assessing the level of organizational hurdles that exist in their organization and the effectiveness of past and future strategies to overcome them. When new ideas spread quickly through an organization, Chan and Mauborgne argued that this would only happen when a critical mass of people become engaged in the idea. Tipping Point Leadership – A Remarkable Way to Change the Masses. Model Name : Tipping Point Leadership Author: William Bratton Year : 2000 Purpose : … Home Blue Ocean Strategy PowerPoint Template BOS Tipping Point Leadership Model Slide.

blue ocean strategy value innovation and tipping point leadership

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